Pipework and tank insulation

The insulation division at B.P. Insulation Projects Ltd. specializes in carrying out insulation jobs for industrial pipework and for industrial boilers, as well as for air condition ductwork and systems.

  • Heat and cold insulation
  • Insulation for high and low temperatures
  • Insulation for pipework and systems for treatment and conveying of natural gas
  • Insulation of cooling facilities pipework
  • Insulation in chemical plants, food factories and various industrial plants
  • Insulation of ductwork for air conditioning systems
  • Sound barrier acoustic insulation
  • Insulation for office buildings, public structures and central engine rooms

The insulation division has at its disposal a department of polyurethane spraying and casting for roofs, coops, and for industry. The insulation department employs highly skilled and reliable workers and provides professional service at reasonable prices for works of any scope. 

Among our customers and the projects we have carried out we count some of the most prominent organizations in Israel:
  • Novel Energy – pipework insulation in the Tamar and Yam Tethys (Tethys Ocean) barges as well as numerous projects in the Land Gas Intake Center in Ashdod
  • Israel Electric Corporation, the power stations Rutenberg, Reading Tel-Aviv, Eshkol, Ashdod and Haifa – construction and maintenance works
  • Ashdod oil refineries
  • Tara – new plant in the Netivot industrial  zone
  • Tnuva, Tene-Noga, Snowcrest and Strauss – industrial insulation
  • Electra Mashav – insulation of air conditioning and cooling ductwork throughout the country
  • Ormat Turbines – Yavneh
  • Makhteshim Ramat Hovav
  • Teva Global Logistics Center in Shoham (Merlog)
  • Osem Plant in Shoham
  • Intel Jerusalem, Haifa and Kiryat Gat
  • Supersol – logistic centers and branches
  • Ezra Me'ir and son factories – Poseidon, Tibon veal
  • Carlsberg plants Ashkelon
  • Karpri – cooling factories
  • Rotem Deshanim
  • Nilit Migdal Ha'Emek
  • Oxygen plant Ramat Hovav
  • TevaTech – Be'er Sheva
  • Bromine Compounds, Ramat Hovav
  • Nesher Ramle – Israeli Cement factories
  • Carmel Ulpinim Haifa
  • Nuclear Research Center – Dimonah
  • Airport Authority
  • and many more customers
Pipework  insulationPipework insulation
Tank insulationTank insulation
Pipework and tank insulationsPipework and tank insulations
Pipe insulationPipe insulation
Pipe insulationPipe insulation
Pipe and tank - insulationPipe and tank - insulation
Pipe and tank insulationPipe and tank insulation
Pipework and tank insulationPipework and tank insulation
Pipework – insulation worksPipework – insulation works
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