B.P. Insulation Projects Ltd. provides a variety of services to industry and construction businesses, including tank and pipework insulation, construction of cooling facilities, fireproof insulation and more. In addition, the company engages in dismantling and evacuation of asbestos and treatment of contaminated soils. The company has been active in all its areas of business for many years, during which it has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience. The company insists on providing its numerous customers all over the country with professional and efficient service.
  • Insulation of industrial tanks and pipes
  • Construction of industrial structures and cooling facilities
  • Evacuation of asbestos and treatment of contaminated soils
  • Fire protection
  • Marketing of insulation panels
  • Dismantling roofs and asbestos

Weinvite you to join our satisfied customers and to avail yourself of ourprofessional and quality services
Insulation of pipework and tanks for industry and air condition systems
Our company provides pipework and tank insulation to the industry and construction businesses. The insulation is thermal and acoustic, as well as mechanical protective insulation.
Construction of cooling facilities and industrial structures
Our company specializes in and it has carried out wide-scope projects for prominent organizations all over the country. The company employees are skilled and professional and their work is speedy and of high quality.
Dismantling and evacuation of asbestos
Our company specializes in dismantling and removal of asbestos and it has executed the majority of the important projects in this area in Israel. The company is licensed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to carry out these tasks and its employees have had dedicated training in the U.S.
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