Fire protection and passageway sealing

The fire protection division at B.P insulation Projects Ltd. specializes in carrying out fire protection works of metal structures, constructions and cement in the heavy industry area, in power stations, oil refineries, chemical plants, as well as in public and commercial buildings. 

Protection implementation:
1.By spraying: cement mixture. Fire-resistant up to 4 hours;
2.By panels: rigid armored panels fire-resistant up to 6 hours;
3.Special rigid panels, fire-resistant up to 4 hours.

In addition, the division engages in sealing (caulking) of fire and smoke passageways designed for electrical cables in commercial, office and residential buildings, using rigid rock wool plates, with fireproof mastic coating. The works are performed with materials of the highest quality, which are manufactured by some of the leading factories in this area in the world.

All the materials the company utilizes are eco-friendly and meet all the local and international  standards requirements, as well as the requirements of the safety authorities.

The following are among the major projects carried out by the company:

  • Greeters Hall – B.G. Airport – protection of 150 tons steel
  • Hadassah Ein Karem – protection of 350 tons steel
  • The Cooling Company – Holon - – protection of 50 tons steel
  • The new Cellcom House – protection of 1500 tons steel
  • The Mall Tower – Be'er Sheva - – protection of 1000 tons steel
  • Hapo'alim Bank – Rehovot - – protection of 60 tons steel
  • Meteg Pelephone – Kiryat Mal'achi – sealing of fireproof passageways
  • Sefania Towers – Tel Aviv - – protection of 1200 tons steel
  • Government City building – Tel Aviv -– protection of thousands of tons of steel constructions
Fire protection and passageway sealing
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