Dismantling and removal of asbestos

The division for treatment and removal of asbestos at B.P. Insulation Projects Ltd. specializes in dismantling and removal of friable asbestos and cement asbestos, as well as other hazardous materials. This division employs experts who were trained and certified by the authorized bodies in the U.S, and licensed to dismantle and evacuate asbestos by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel.

The division owns highly advanced equipment for handling this complex area, and the company is the leading one in the area of dismantling and removal of asbestos in Israel. The company has, so far, carried out most of the projects in this area in Israel. 

Some of the company's major projects are:
  • Cleaning and removal of soils polluted by friable asbestos in the Western Galilee
  • Three-year maintenance of asbestos for the Electric Corporation in the Center and South regions
  • Removal of asbestos ceiling, disassembling of the Aranne Library structure at Be'er Sheva University
  • Yearly maintenance of asbestos removal from generators and armored vehicles in all the IDF units
  • Multi-year contract for removal of asbestos hazards throughout the  entire city area of Be'er Sheva
  • Removal of friable asbestos from the ceiling of structures at the Rafael plant
  • Power plant in Haifa
  • Israel Electric Corporation  - Riding Tel-Aviv Facility
  • Eshkol Ashdod Power Station - asbestos removal
  • Weizmann Institute of Science – all the roofs in the complex
Asbestos removaAsbestos remova
Dismantling of asbestosDismantling of asbestos
Dismantling and removal of asbestosDismantling and removal of asbestos
Removal and dismantling of asbestos surfacesRemoval and dismantling of asbestos surfaces
Removal of asbestos surfacesRemoval of asbestos surfaces
Dismantling of asbestos wasteDismantling of asbestos waste
Treatment of asbestosTreatment of asbestos
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