B.P. Insulation Projects Ltd. is a contracting company with decades of good reputation, which engages in the following areas: 

  • Insulating industrial pipework
  • Supply of insulation for industrial equipment and boilers (for cold and heat)
  • Insulation of air condition ductwork
  • Construction of cooling facilities, industrial structures and logistic centers from insulating panels
  • Fire protection works
  • Dismantling and evacuation of asbestos and hazardous materials
  • Treatment of contaminated soils
The company is the exclusive distributor of insulating panels made by KINGSPAN IZOPOLI, designed for construction and cooling and produced using the Continuous Production Line method. B.P. Insulation Projects Ltd. is one of the oldest and highest-quality insulation companies in the country, and its staff numbers 120 employees. The company's services are provided country-wide. 

The company holds the following qualifications:

  • Registration in the contractors' register
  • Asterisk accreditation for performing works for government ministries
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection certificate for dismantling and disposal of asbestos
The company counts among its customers leading organizations in the country:
Strauss, Supersol, Tnuva, the Israel Electric Corporation, the Ministry of Defense, Haifa Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Tara, Novell Energy, Electra, Mashav, Teva, Intel and more.
B.P. Insulation Projects Ltd.
36 HaYozma, P.O.B. 12687, Ashdod 7760049  Tel: 08-8560356    Fax: 08-8563948     Email:bidud@bidud.co.il